So this week I am have been observing increased silence, not total silence, but increased silence and I must say its been remarkable. The amount of trouble I have avoided by just keepnig quiet is incredible. People leave me alone, no one bothered me, I was just calm, quiet and collected. It was amazing. All I did was thought before speaking; “Will this help anyone?” If not, then i kept quiet, if Yes, then I would say it.

Simple as that.

Ok so this week I am following Charity, much harder to fit into your daily routine me thinks but none the less I shall try my hardest and I will update you all in a week!


Warriors Edict

 This is a poem/Edict I wrote. Enjoy and please comment.

Warriors Edict

We are the engines of war.
We stand at the brink of Oblivion
and step into the darkness.
We are fearless and honest
brave and true.

We shed the blood of the darkness
to feed the insatiable primal force.
Stand forward now.
Son of Man. Warrior of Light.

For in you rests our future.
Your soul is your armour.
Your words the sharpest blade.
Should God stand in your way:
Cut him. Cut him without Mercy.

Death is your ally.
He will stand beside you always.
No moment is safe. No mortal immune.
Live without fear of him.
For he will take you regardless.

And let these words rest silent in your mind.
Let each one become you, and in turn
become it.
For it is your duty now,
cut the darkness
Cut it for Eternity.
That is your purpose.
Serve it well son of Man.
Warrior of Light.

Don’t eat too much!

Yes I know I took a little longer with this but I just wanted to get it into my head. Its harder than you think to refuse food, the genetic desire to eat till you burst is strong. Sooo I tried hard I did, but ultimately 
I failed miserably, certainly something I will be working on I tell you….

There isn’t much I can actually tell you really, no noticeable benefits of eating less in one week, generally less tired but that could be down to a lot of different things coincidentally coming togeher this week…

And so we come to the most interesting one in my opinion…


I wil keep much more quiet and let me tell you…Its gonna be a ride…I’ll see you all in a weeks time, peace out!

Random Thought

Letting go of the reigns and jumping off the horse, is gonna be peaceful, because your off the horse! But you’ll never get to where your going….

In other words…Non attachment isn’t always the best way to go!

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

So its been nearly a whole week since I started adhering to “Judge not lest ye be judged” and let me tell you its HARD. Its very hard, it took all my willpower to refrain from judging people inconsiderately. I have messed upa few times, getting lost in the comfort of practiced cynicism and hate. I have seen people through a lens predetermined by other people of a similar type. I forget just who I am and who they are and instead saw them as merely reflections of others like them. I did not see their own personal worth and oppurtunity. This is an important lesson for all of us. Each person has value. 
Each life is its own master, no one elses. When you hand over control to a society, or community then you relinquish your free will and the rights it has. You become a slave to whatever others decide. This is treason to oneself. Plain and simple.

This week I made a special moral obligation to not judge others for how I see them. I realised that it is only through me are they defined by me. They themselves are not to blame for my feelings. If someone was to attack me, I would judge them as a danger, however just because someone LOOKS like they might be th esort to attack me does not make them an danger, do you see?

Well onto my next challenge 🙂 I will keep you all posted in about 7 days.

8 things to make you live just that little bit happier.

You may have noticed I havn’t posted in about a month, well there is a reason for this. I have been collabarating my thoughts and trying to figure things out. These thoughts led me to some interesting places but
I want to share with you today the unveiling of an 8 week project I want to run. I have noticed this on a few blogs and thought I would have a crack at it myself for my own personal growth experience. But I also wanted to share it with you so, I have decided to commit to 8 weeks, each number lasting one week, of:

1. Judge Not lest ye be judged
2. Don’t eat / Drink more than you should.
3. Silence.
4. Giving
5. Industry
6. Effective use of time
7. More water intake
8. Meditation

How this will turn out, whether this will work, whether I get sued for plaguerism, we’ll just have to wait and see…but check back in one week and I’ll have the first edition of the 8 week project.

Who I Really Am

I am writing this in the hope that maybe people with similar feelings will make themselves known. I do not write this to gain praise. I suspect I may annoy and antagonize a few people. I will try not too. But I will also be honest with you, on how I feel. I won’t lie.
This article is about how over 6 years my life has changed more than I could possibly ever imagine.

As a child I wasn’t what you might call happy. I was fairly OK. But school life was a bore. We learnt nothing of great interest. I barely remember any lessons. But I do remember the students. Those sick little kids who thought it was funny to torment me. It wasn’t pleasureable. I can say that. I was never beaten up or anything. It was mostly psychological. I remember a new girl came into our class and I saw another girl say to her, “Thats Philip, don’t talk to him” and that was that. I never got a word in.
By 10, exactly 6 years ago, I was eagarly awaiting secondry school, I got into a pretty decent school, Called Brooksbank. Now I wasn’t exactly popular here but I wasn’t socially outcast either. Here was a clean slate. Somewhere new to start. I met a boy named Elliot, he was in the year above me, he was cool, we talked about all sorts, but one day the topic got onto Paganism. I got into it. Practicing it lightly. Reading about it. Absorbing the philosophy, learning everything I could. But i was scared to do rituals and stuff.

This was my first taste of spirituality in any form, before hand I was raised a Christian. God how I loved to dismiss Christianty, it felt so good loosening the chains of that Religion. My first taste of what was to come.

Two years passed, I am now 12 going on 13, and I discover a site called Astral Dynamics. This was a glorious find for me. I shrugged off the fluffly, New Age paganism and absorbed a more practical based Spirituality, involving moving energy around the body and astral projection.
I bought the books, I read it and practiced it. And it worked. I noticed instant results. I got better at it. I worked at it hard. I got good energy flowing. But I never achieved Astral Projection. I thought there was something wrong with me, so I drifted away. I still remained a member of their forums, but at this time, it was late 2004 and we all know what came about then. Steves site. I discovered it by accident and was instantly hooked, I read all his articles, and listend to all his podcasts. I took my new found practiicality back to the forums and was greeted with a mixed reaction. One person who showed interest was a man named Derek Bertrand, who calls himself Oath. At this time we talked a bit over MSN, but he seemed a bit distant. A bit weird to me.

two and a bit years pass and I drift along, content with my supposed understanding, happy to go along with Steve and whatever he says.

Its now the start of 2007 and I am changing so much. Me and Oath start to talk a bit more. We discuss things like Truth, the nature of things, ME.

And I begin to really come to terms with my own identity (Now this is the bit that might get people rubbed the wrong way)

I started to see just how stupid people really where. We began to talk more about me, about my future. Oath mentioned some things and after a long conversation we came to the conclusion that I am a very unique person, not only mentally but energetically and consciously. You see the reason I couldn’t astral project is because the techniques outlined won’t work for someone like me. I don’t really understand why. but It seems I am on my own with these things. It seems I have a certain way of learning things, and moving energy around, so that the techniques only apply to half my energy, not all of it. Its like I have a different energy structure to my psychic body.

Not only that but I am consciously aware in a totally different way to most people. I always knew, as a young child, that I was different, but at the time I just put it down to escapism, what with the bullying and stuff and until recently thats what I thought. But now… after these last few weeks I just know something is different inside of me. I seek a “truth” most people don’t understand. Something that can’t be spoken. Or taught. Or Known. its just…felt. Its a feeling deep down in my soul. No. deeper than the soul. Somewhere people fear to look. Deeper in my being. Its part of my very existance. Its not a definable thing. Its not a tangible thing.

Oath assures me I am special. I have a hard time accepting this though. I am doing slowly. But what he says always seems to fanciful. So fantasy like that it seems unreal. He says I am mentioned in prophecy, that even my name is a clue to my power. He says I share character traits with different deities, namely Odin and, as arrogant and egoic as it may sound, I am starting to agree with him.

And now I am here. Writing this post. I felt the need to release my energy in this way. I needed to free up mental space somehow. This is how. I am me. I know who I am now. I feel it. My real name, my true name is Soulfire. I am being of immense power and vast wisdom, I have been around since the dawn of time, my destiny is such a huge one that it too sounds unreal and fanciful. I don’t care if you do not agree with me. I don’t care if you feel the need to patronize me, or put me down. I know what I am here for. I am know my own potential.

I am Soulfire.

And now you know who I really am.